Notary services

Real estate law

A special focus of our notarial activity is the drafting of contracts in the field of property law. When someone wants to buy or sell a house and the land it stands on, prompt and uncomplicated help to execute all the legally necessary steps is provided by a notary. As soon as the most important facts have been clarified, the notary can access the Land Register and then draw up a draft purchase contract in accordance with the wishes of the parties concerned. 

Naturally, the same applies to the sale of apartments or other units. If the parties agree to the proposed draft, the notary will convene a meeting attended by both buyer and seller. Here, the contract is read aloud by the notary, its contents are once again discussed, and it is subsequently signed by all parties.

After that the notary starts to perform the contract; it must be ensured, on the one hand, that the seller relinquishes ownership only once the purchase price has been paid, and on the other hand, that the buyer only transfers the money once unencumbered ownership of the property can be guaranteed. The notary carries out all the necessary correspondence with the relevant authorities and financial institutions and gives the parties instructions on how to proceed.